free dating personals

free dating personals
Adult FriendFinder News: Get Attention with the Top Fan Program!

Adult FriendFinder
Adult FriendFinder News
Are You a Top Fan?
We’re excited to introduce the Top Fans program to our members! As you know, the sexiest members on the site can get upward of 100 emails per day and tons of attention. You can play Top Fans for a fun way to interact with any member on the site and stand out from the crowd.

Top Fans is a bidding system that lets members compete against one another to earn exclusive benefits and enhanced visibility to the members they like.

To play, simply place a minimum bid of 50 points to become a fan of any member profile. Once you’ve placed a bid, you will automatically become a fan. Fans can compete by placing higher bids to rank within the top 10 and receive special benefits. You can place bids on members you like in different places around the site, including member profile pages and through your Hotlist.

The top 10 ranking Fans will enjoy added benefits including viewing their favorite member’s profile, receiving Top Fan notifications, and a special profile badge for added visibility.

It’s easy to start! Start playing Top Fans today and stand out from the crowd!
What Do You Want on Your Chest?
You know that Adult FriendFinder is a site dedicated to helping people connect, experiencing wild new adventures, and having fun while doing it. For the first time ever, we’re calling on our members to design the next Adult FriendFinder T-shirt!

For the Adult FriendFinder T-Shirt Design Contest we’re looking for a vibrant, eye-catching, unique design that can be used on Adult FriendFinder T-shirts. Members should submit designs that represent these themes and embody the spirit of Adult FriendFinder in one creative design. Designs can be imaginative, humorous, wild, or clean – as long as they’re wearable!

Enter the Adult FriendFinder T-Shirt Design Contest by Monday, for your chance to win a 1-year Gold membership!

mejaneyi1969 46 / F
free dating personals “Hi I am looking for some discreet naughty fun with young well hung men no strings attached sense of humour essential”
I am very easy going and get along with most people would love to get to know some new friends and have some casual naughty fun . I am not looking for anything serious am interested in satisfying young well hung good looking men and would love to have a 3sum with a couple of make my fantasy come true of fucking 4 men with huge . I have a master who likes me to play with men and women ,and I am looking to satisfy him by finding some playmates

My Ideal Person Young well hung man good looking with a good sense of humor taller than 5 ft 7 and able to honest about who they are, I am hi curious and fancy ladies with big boobs and curvy bodies

SueK255 28 / F
free dating personals “After some naughty fun” What am I after? To start with you should be in the 18 to 35 age range and we start with a message or chat. If we get on then, well, use you imagination, you have seen most of my body!!
I’m after naughty fun with the right person, but I choose who and when.
I love wearing a bikini and have no problem getting naked when I can.
Also into strip games.
Sorry but I’m not into one-night stands. If all you want is to fuck me and move on to the next girl then I’m not interested.
Treat me well and I reward well, treat me badly and bye.
You will soon know if I’m seriously interested in you.
Please be practical as well, in reasonable range of Staffordshire please.
Please, if you don’t have a pic then don’t bother trying to contact me, you have seen me, I want to see something of you, and I prefer NOT a cock shot!. Too many dicks on here already (pun intended)!!!!!
Please don’t complain if I don’t reply. I receive many messages and if I replied to all of them then I would not have time to chat with anyone, which is the main point of me being here!!.
To get a better chance of a reply you need to send something that will catch my eye, a simple “Hi Sue” is certainly NOT sufficient. I do read all the messages and no one is filtered.
Please don’t be rude to me, filthy or dirty is fine though!!!!
I tend to look for something different in your messages, your problem is finding out what gets my attention!
One final thing, if you are married then move on NOW, I’m not interested and I don’t care why you trying to cheat on your partner.

Adult FriendFinder News: More Ways to Find Hookups on the Go
Adult FriendFinder News
More for Mobile
We continue to add to our mobile site more and more of the features you enjoy on our full site. This time, it’s New Matches, where you can search for newly registered Adult FriendFinder members who match your Cupid settings. Now you can connect with these newbies from your favorite mobile device with a simple New Matches search – just click on the New Matches tab on the main mobile web page.
free dating personals
You can also access this page from the Member Search section on the left-hand side navigation bar.
free dating personals
However you access it, the New Matches page will bring you results based on what you’ve defined for your Cupid Preferences. To adjust who appears on this search, you can either click on the Filters button on the New Matches page or change your Cupid Preferences.
free dating personals
We’ve also made it easier to edit your profile and upload photos. The camera icon and the pencil icon, for photos and profile respectively, are at the top of the navigation bar, just under your handle. Fast and easy!
free dating personals
If you haven’t tried our mobile site yet, just type Adult FriendFinder in the browser on your mobile device, and you’ll have convenient 24/7 access to the largest sex and swingers personals site around!
P.S. If you’re a full site user, you can try out the mobile page using your laptop or desktop using the links above, and then switch back to the full site by scrolling down beneath the search results and clicking on Use full web version.

See Who’s Doing What – on the Go!
Adult FriendFinder members who use our mobile site are now able to enjoy the Activity Feed! Access it from the navigation bar on the left, between the Home and My List buttons.
free dating personals
The tabs at the top of the Member Activity screen allow you to choose to see the activity of members all over the world, close to you, or just people in your Friends Network or on your Hotlist.

And similar to the full site, on the mobile site you can now change your Member Activity Preferences at any time – this will allow you see what others are doing at the moment – you could always go and virtually join them!

However you want to do it, take charge of your mobile profile now, and enjoy the extra attention you’ll undoubtedly see.
On Top of Security!
In the past, when Adult FriendFinder members changed their email addresses, we would reset their passwords and send notices to both the new and old email addresses. This addressed some security concerns but created other issues. So we have changed this process to further tighten your security:

We no longer reset members’ passwords when email addresses are changed. Instead, we send emails to both the new and old addresses confirming that the change has been made.
In the message sent to the old email addresses, we’ve added a Revert Email Address button, so if the member didn’t make the change themselves, it will be easy for them to undo the change.
Clicking the Revert Email Address button will send the member to a page where they can change their password and verify their correct email address.

Remember, it’s wise to change your password periodically, whether your email address changes or not. But if it does, we’ve got your back.

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hot friend finder

hot friend finder
Adult FriendFinder News: The Heat is on as Top Fan Goes Global!
Adult FriendFinder
Adult FriendFinder News
Top Fans – Around the World and Around Your Neighborhood!
Since introducing the Top Fan program last month, Adult FriendFinder members from across the globe have wasted no time submitting bids to become a Top Fan. The bidding is fierce as members from Africa to Australia, South America to Asia, Europe to North America, compete to become a top member or a top bidder. Currently there are several members with well over 100,000 bids, making them the top members worldwide and their number of bids continue to rise as others battle it out to become their Top Fan.
hot friend finder
hot friend finder
hot friend finder
hot friend finder
hot friend finder
hot friend finder

Interested in finding Top Fans closer to home? Simply click on the ‘See Who Has The Most Top Fans’ button from the home page then click on the world map to narrow your filtering to your particular area or areas of interest.
From the world, to your continent, your country, your state/province, your region – you can easily find the Top Fans in any of these areas. And when you see someone you like, submit a bid by going to that member’s profile page or through your Hotlist.

Additionally, we’ve enhanced the filtering which now allows you to filter the Top Fan list by gender, including couples and groups, to help you better find the person of your desires.

‘Say Cheese’ to Mobile Photo Uploads!
Adult FriendFinder mobile has taken selfies to the next level. With our improved photo upload functionality, members can now:

Add a photo title
Include a photo description
Select a photo album

Simply upload your photo by clicking the camera icon or the ‘Upload Photo’ link.
hot friend finder
Then provide a photo title that catches the attention of others, write a description that says it all, and place your photo in the appropriate folder.

It’s fast. It’s simple. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!
hot friend finder
Please note that the new photo upload changes are only available on the latest version of Android and iOS.
Never Miss a Beat with Mobile Notifications!
Whether at home or on the go you will always be in the know with the latest version of the Adult FriendFinder mobile app, version 2.18. Find out promptly with our faster notification feature if another member uploads a photo, flirts with you, views your profile, sends a private message and more – all without opening the app.

And if you don’t have version 2.18 of the Adult FriendFinder mobile app, download it today and start getting notifications – and more – tonight!
SylviaBarca 31 / F
hot friend finder “ciao a tutti!!!”
Honesty is the best way here so I’ll start off by saying that I have a boyfriend. Unfortunately he only ever wants to fuck in one position and it’s always over quickly and in the most boring way possible. I don’t want to break up with him for numerous reasons so here I am, looking for a man willing to fuck me till I beg him to stop. I just want to be treated like a hole. I want to be slapped around and used. Can you help?
Sexual Orientation:
Looking For: Men, Couples (man/woman), Groups or Couples (2 men)

Adult FriendFinder News: Faster and Friendlier Mobile Dating!
Adult FriendFinder News
Faster and Friendlier: Get Mobile Notifications on the Run
The latest version of the Adult FriendFinder mobile app, version 2.18, both gives you information faster and doesn’t use as much juice from your device’s battery. The process we use to deliver your notifications has been changed to make it much faster. That’ll give you more time to look for hotties to hook up with!

Adult FriendFinder mobile app version 2.18 also provides you with an option to have notifications sent to you immediately, via your mobile device, without even your being logged in to the app! When you set up notifications, you’ll receive a message from us whenever another member…

sends you a message.
flirts with you.
views your profile.
becomes your Top Ten fan.

You’ll also be notified if your position on someone else’s Top Fan list has slipped below the top ten, so you’ll have a chance to up your bid quickly and get back on top.

Stay in the know when you’re on the go: upgrade to the mobile app, version 2.18, today – free!
Win Gold with Contests!
hot friend finder Voting begins Monday, in the recent T-Shirt Design Contest. We asked Adult FriendFinder members to create a vibrant, eye-catching, unique T-shirt design that reflects the spirit of adult fun to be had here on Adult FriendFinder. How’d they do? Take a look and vote for your favorite. Voting ends on Monday, so vote today!

Want a chance to win a Gold membership (or membership extension, if you’re already Gold) for yourself? Enter the Bikini Babes & Sandy Studs Contest! This is your chance to get wet, wild, and sandy in your favorite swimwear, be it a teeny-weeny bikini, a sassy retro one-piece, or your loudest Hawaiian swim-trunks.
jlnp27oo 22 / 22 / C
hot friend finder “Looking for some fun, come on give us a message we will show you a good time”
We are couple 22Mand 22F, we are outgoing and love to socialise and keep active. We are new to this and want to explore.
Ideally we’re looking for a bi-curious girl or a girl couple to share a hot new experience with. We’ve been together for over five years and we always talk about having a threesome all the time and are very interested and excited in indulging in our fantasy of being with another girl or couple. Even Thinking about it gets us going and really horny.

Get in touch gorgeous ladies waiting to hear off you all ;-) :-D
Sexual Orientation:
Prefer not to say
Looking For: Couples (man/woman) or Groups
Sugar_slut_honey 28 / F
hot friend finder Hi there I’m mostly known as a cute, sweet girl….giggly and smiley and quite girly ) However, not many are aware of my hunger for illicit sex and my dark desire to be dominated by hung, mature men ……not boys I like a man to know what they are doing. I love being the centre of attention for at least two men, usually more! I also like being the play thing for a dominating and controlling couple.

I have been described as a real ‘head turner’ and extremely pleasing to the eye *blush*. I do attract a lot of attention from men, however, I’m not big headed in any way. I have a curvy (not fat!), hour glass figure with 36F boobies.

My Ideal Person Two, three. maybe more older guys….a good size, girth and lenght who is confident enough to handle me with strong hands and who won’t be intimidated by my physical appearance….I just like to look nice and be taken hard xxx
“I want to be used for threesomes, gangbangs and dominating couples seeking a submissive toy. No single men, sorry boys!”
My Ideal Person We are looking for a girl/Bi curious girl ideally aged between 19 – 26. Who is up for having some fun and joining us in a threesome.
The deadline to enter your photo is Monday, so start working on those tan lines!

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dating personals online

Adult FriendFinder News
Adult FriendFinder News: How to Help Cupid Find You More Action
Hello Friends,

Who will be your Valentine? Cupid knows. And now you can, too. Use your Cupid Preferences to specify who and what you’re looking for at Adult FriendFinder. After that, we’ll do all the matchmaking work.

How to build a loving relationship, and love of people, the best online dating Adult Friend Finder

How to build a loving relationship, and love of people, the best online dating Adult Friend Finder

Set your preferences according to gender, location, and sexual orientation. Screen matches by age, body type or marital status. You can even set a search specifically for couples or groups.

Once you’ve set your parameters for a paramour, we’ll send you a daily e-mail listing your potential match-ups. You know they’ll be compatible because we’ve pre-screened them for you. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a Cupid cutie pop up in your inbox like:
FkMyPrettyPus 24 / F
“Bend me over.Going to be making videos with my highest top fans, help me reach the top! :D
I’m very adventurous and consider myself a freak in bed. Love exploring and creating pleasure. Very playful, but also know when to make love under the right circumstances. Open to new things and very passionate about kissing, touching, massages, foreplay… Erotic stuff… Turns me on…

If you like what you see and you’re interested in having some fun, please send message, my schedule varies as I work full time. Body Type: Athletic
Smoking: I’m a non-smoker
Drinking: I don’t drink at all
Drugs: I don’t use drugs
Education: BA/BS (4 years college)
Race: Caucasian
Religion: Prefer not to say
Have Children: NoThanks

misskatarina 18 / F
“Message me (:”
What types of sexual activities turn you on?:
Giving Oral Sex, Receiving Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Toys (Vibrators/Dildos/etc.), Rimming, Fetishes, Light Bondage, Candle Wax, Spanking, Threesomes, Mutual Masturbation, Making Home “Movies”, Participating in Erotic Photography, Voyeurism, Handcuffs/Shackles, Breast/Nipple Torture, Clamps, etc., Massage
We are very discrete. We do not like bullshitters, liars or people that play games.We like to have funwith people who are for real.We like to travel. We collect old cars, we like riding our Harley’s hers is a sportster and his is a road king.We like hunting,fishing,swimming. He is straight 8 as a board.He likes women only,and I am bi curious.
I’m barely 18 years old, 5’10”, brown hair, blue eyes, and I have freckles! I have a daughter that I gave up for adoption. She was born August 24, 2014. She is the love of my life.

dating personals online

dating personals online

Don’t be afraid to message me! I like to think that I’m a nice person haha. A “plus” would be a couple or single female that enjoys flying to remote location for sexual and adventurous fun. Something from a weekend trip to a couple of weeks. We are a very experienced couple, that love small groups, couples, females . She prefers females that are shaved or neatly trimmed and tasty. Couples must have stamina to play for hours on end. Oral sex is fine for a while but she needs full penetration. Having been into lifestyles several years and have fulfilled most of our fantasies. We are seeking to help others fulfill theirs. After friendship is developed we do play separately They have to be clean and disease free.She is a true blonde with a thick ass.My husband is well hung..
Adult FriendFinder Gets Friendlier – and More Attractive Too
We’ve freshened up our look for 2015 and made our main site easier to read and navigate. We’ve eliminated some of the distractions that cluttered up our main page. What’s left? Bigger text, and – even better – bigger pictures.

Don’t worry; all our features are still available via dropdown menus. Just a click away!
Enter Our Spring Sports Sextacular Contest!
Attention sports fans and sexual athletes! Here’s your opportunity for some sexy spring training, Adult FriendFinder style!

Tap into your sporty side and show us exactly how you like to play. Display your team colors and show off your, uh, equipment. Dress up like the slutty cheerleader you’ve always wanted to be. Hike up your jersey and pull down your sweatpants!

Take a photo that demonstrates just how sexy the sporting life can be, upload it to our contest page, and you could win a Gold Membership. The deadline to enter is February 23 2015. After that, members vote for their favorite jock until March 2. You get to choose the Adult FriendFinder member who best brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “fantasy sports”!
cottonsha 25 / F
“ready to cum now”

dating personals online

dating personals online

am 18 years of age
brown skin
light brown eye
black and gold hair
bow legget
double joint
Birthdate: January 5, 1990
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5 ft 3 in / 160-162 cm
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Smoking: I’m a non-smoker
Drinking: I’m a light/social drinker
Drugs: I don’t use drugs
Education: High school graduate
Race: Black
Bra Size: 32 / 70 A

youngplaytoy09 25 / F

dating personals online

dating personals online

“young, horny & like older men (over 40).. wanna play so bad”
I have been wanting to get on this site for a little while to meet similar and explore my kinky, fun side. im very cute, a little shy at first but warm up fast then there is no off switch. Want to explore this playful side with men, especially turned on by older horny men. like to talk on phone before meeting.

My Ideal Person Older & very horny. Late 30, over 40 at least pls.
Sexual Orientation:
Looking For: Men

Adult FriendFinder News: Your New Year’s Resolution: Get Laid
Start off the New Year with a Bang!

Resolve to have more fun this year. More serious fun. More adult fun. Let Adult FriendFinder help by finding you the hottest, most enthusiastic matches for your particular carnal interests. Get the New Year started with a bang! Or more than one, if someone is interested in another date…

cutiecarly95 19 / F
“Hi Guys I love hard cocks and cum.”

dating personals online

dating personals online

I tried to approve all requests it didn’t work. I’ll have to go through them all. Thank you guys.My Ideal Person Hard body Hard cock.

Tell one of your favorite sexual fantasies. Don’t hold back!:
To be fucked hard by multiple guys. And to make them Cum in
gooey gobs and gobs of hot tummy splashing cum. God I Love
Hard Cocks.

What location do you fantasize about for a sexual encounter?:
Anywhere, Yes everywhere. It’s so fun to rub guys hard. Then sucking

dating personals online

dating personals online

What types of sexual activities turn you on?:
Giving Oral Sex, Receiving Oral Sex, Toys (Vibrators/Dildos/etc.), A Hard Cock Humping at me., When Guys Grow and Protrude

What factors are most important to you when looking for a sexual partner?:
Sexual experience, Physical attraction, Sexual appetite, A large nice cock.
Bra Size: 34 / 75 B
Speaks: English
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Color: Brown

DianaMarie94 20 / F
“Hello Guys very pleased to meet you.”

dating personals online

dating personals online

Hi there I just love the fact that you stopped by my page. Thank you very much I hope everything is going well with you, Much love ❤️

My Ideal Person I love to be snuggled. Actually more then that except I’m sure you can figure out I love Sex. Most people do I would think. Well anyhow thanks for swinging by. Have a great day or evening. Whichever it may be, Kisses
Tell one of your favorite sexual fantasies. Don’t hold back!:
To have three sexy guys fucking me. Until they Cummed all
over the place. Oh god I want their nice cocks now.
Have you ever had cybersex?:
I have cybersex quite often.
Ever fantasized about having sex with a celebrity? Who? What turns you on about them?:
Yes wild sex too.

dating personals online

dating personals online

What types of sexual activities turn you on?:
Giving Oral Sex, Receiving Oral Sex, Toys (Vibrators/Dildos/etc.), Threesomes, Tickling me gives me body shivers, Also rubbing and humping on me. Gosh exciting
Ever fantasized about having sex with a celebrity? Who? What turns you on about them?:
I just want a hard cock.
What factors are most important to you when looking for a sexual partner?:
Sexual experience, Physical attraction, Ability to be discreet, Sexual appetite, Agreeable to a commitment free sexual relationship

Sexual Orientation:
Looking For: Men, Women, Couples (man/woman), Couples (2 women) or Couples (2 men)

Bigger is Better – In More Ways Than One
Our mobile site display is now bigger, easier to use and friendlier, too – just like our members. If you haven’t checked out our mobile site yet, try it! Because there’s nothing like hooking up on the go.

Calendar Cuties Contest!
dating personals online
We love, we love, we love our calendar girls – and boys. We want to look at you every single day of the year – preferably pinned to the wall. Take a sexy, original portrait that captures the spirit of your favorite month, upload it to our contest page, and you could win a Gold Membership! Bonus points for props and costumes. The deadline to enter is January 12, 2015. After that, members vote for their favorite calendar cutie until January 19, so be sure to check out our future Miss Augusts and Mister Marches. The winner will receive a year’s Gold Membership for free; finalists will win a free month of Gold.

WildnKinky24 24 / F
“Desiring NSA sex “with people I find attractive” NOT people who just talk about it!!”

dating personals online

dating personals online

I COMMUNICATE only on this site so please don’t ask me. I have a tremendous high sex drive and on this site to fulfill that with people I AM ATTRACTED TOO ONLY. I am SINGLE but I do have a FWB that plays with me and FILMS me when PLAYING WITH OTHERS. If this makes you uncomfortable then I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOU.
What types of sexual activities turn you on?:
Giving Oral Sex, Receiving Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Light Bondage, Spanking, Role Playing, Slave/Master, Cross Dressing, Mutual Masturbation, Making Home “Movies”, Voyeurism, Handcuffs/Shackles, Blindfolds, Fisting, Massage
My Ideal Person Someone who is not intimidated with having sex in front of others…A person who works out and wants to play and not talk….I HAVE NO DESIRE FOR A RELATIONSHIP
Sexual Orientation:
Looking For: Men or Women
Birthdate: June 1, 1990
Marital Status: Single
Body Type: Athletic
Smoking: I’m a non-smoker
Drinking: I’m a light/social drinker
Drugs: I don’t use drugs
Race: Caucasian
Bra Size: Prefer not to say
Speaks: English

svododa_for_you 25 / F
“I am good girl!”

dating personals online

dating personals online

I like to make you happy!
common, let us know each other better!
What location do you fantasize about for a sexual encounter?:
A bed, A moving vehicle (i.e. car), An airplane, A dark back alley, My desk at work, A swimming pool or hot tub, An elevator, A hotel room
What factors are most important to you when looking for a sexual partner?:
Physical attraction, Experience in a certain role (top/bottom; master/slave)

Have you ever had cybersex?:
I have cybersex quite often.

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The girl wrote:

“My mother told me that when they were younger, my father loved to shop joking. Suited to showcase a person makes a stupid price tag and reads: “… no … Pshu pshsh … PCA ….” Some granny always could not stand, “Millet! Son, millet! ‘” adult

Meets her father:
“Darling, I grew up match for her mamma – such as severe. The fact is that when I’m worried, I start to stutter. And they laugh Napara, said: “The muzzle you stupid, just like a moron or downs.” “ adult

The girl wrote:
“And yet my boyfriend all the time advertising quoted so funny the first time it was, then was to enrage type comes into the kitchen and yells,” Mom, you did mandibles? “(calling) or from the last “I’m plum purple ripe garden …” blablablabla …. or “I love the Uzbeks in the cold … they infest well” “ adult

Responds her boyfriend:
“One of her well – fuck knows. And do not talk to her about anything! That has all garbage bear, well, I can not not communicate! And she does not understand humor. A fool. “ adult

The girl wrote:
“My sneezes too loud awful! But in doing so he still screams and stamps his feet:) Ambient very scared and jumps straight from him. How many times did he remarks, as he likes, damn it. He also sits on the toilet for 40 minutes. He takes a laptop and did not answer. I was under the bathroom door dance. And he once fell asleep in the toilet! Imagine the picture? Very tired at work, and then a little drunk. I woke in the night – it is not! Rounds of all the rooms, no! I was scared even. And then I hear snoring from the toilet :) That’s because the sleepy :) adult

Meets her husband:
“I have terrible allergies: sneeze, snot, and sometimes just do not die. And my sympathy instead of just reproaches and sprinkled on the people watching – there Uncle Bob, an alcoholic or senile woman Claudia think? Saws me without stopping, just in the bathroom of her and shelter. But recently it started to progress strife: and a toilet gets me, and even talks in his sleep – some claim show. I can not tolerate this either by day or by night, and that’s going to sleep in the toilet, although there is a catch, you can close. “ adult

No se ha encontrado una ciudad vibrante, hermosa chica, sexy por la vida, se encuentra en el Internet en el sitio enorme de citas y encontrar – mujer hermosa, sexy y cariñosa, o, simplemente, registrarse de forma gratuita, tómese su tiempo, no te arrepentirás! adult

Not found a vibrant, beautiful, sexy girl for life, find it on the Internet at the huge dating site adult and find it – beautiful, sexy and loving wife, or simply, register for free, take your time, you will not regret! adult

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Random thoughts from the past few weeks

Since the whole dick size thing started it’s become increasingly hard for men, not all men but a lot of them, to let it go. Whether it’s guys with less than average endowment looking for someone to tell them it’s OK or guys with large schlongs wanting someone to tell them how big they are, there are posts and pictures and polls all over the site about size. And, there are female and couple posts that say she won’t consider anyone under 8″ or must be well endowed or well hung. Some say well hung is a bonus. As I’ve stated before I have been disqualified from playing on a couple of occasions because I am an inch short of the mark. It is what it is. I have to admit that I too was caught up in the size matters turmoil at one point. No matter what I did my dick never got any bigger or any smaller and, as it turns out, there’s not one size that pleases all women.
personals dating websites
Another topic that is always on the site somewhere is shaved or hairy. Well…it depends on your partner as to whether shaved or wooly or somewhere in between is preferred. Some women like a man with a hairy chest and a bush and hairy balls…some like a hairy chest and a bush and shaved balls….some don’t want a hair anywhere on a man’s body. Again, no single grooming style pleases all women. And it’s the same the other way…some men want a bush, some men want trimmed, some want smooth…no single catch all here either. I will say that men, for the most part, don’t seem to let personal grooming preferences stand in the way of sex.
adult find finder
I get a lot of hotlists and flirts from guys on this site even though my profile says I’m straight. I know, I know….every straight guy is at least bi he just doesn’t know it yet. They also have a majority of the likes on my pics. While I’m a bit flattered that someone thinks I’m sexy, guys are just not what I’m looking for. Just gets a little frustrating sometimes.

Not just for the reasons above, but for many reasons, this site has lost a lot of it’s appeal for me. I enjoy chatting, and blogging occasionally, but that’s not why I joined this site. I have learned that my initial expectations were set waaaaaaaay too high and that I am one of the folks who wasn’t meant to have success here for whatever reason. I’m OK with that because I knew coming in that I wasn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. There always seems to be one or two factors that keep me from meeting folks. Mustache, body hair, not enough inches, wrong body type, too far away, too close, shaved balls, hairy balls, too old, not bi, not curious… This is NOT a judgement on anyone or a plea for a sympathy fuck. Just my personal thoughts.

I’m not huge or even what would probably be considered well hung. I’m above “average” in both penis measurements, and yes I know my measurements. internet dating sites

I bounce back and forth between shaving my balls and letting the hair grow. I generally keep the bush trimmed but it will always be there. I’ve tried shaving the entire area and it wasn’t pleasant for me. I have quite a bit of body hair on my chest, belly, shoulders and some on my back. Again, tried shaving and waxing and it wasn’t good for me.

I’m not curious, bi or gay and I won’t suck a dick, or have another man suck mine, in order to have sex with a woman. It’s just not my thing and I guess I’m one of the men who won’t do “anything” to get a shot at sex with a woman.

These are indeed the ramblings of a mad(not angry) wiener for this Friday morning. Don’t be surprised if I ride off into the sunset in the not too distant future.
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